Monday, February 25, 2019

Mutton Gravy|மட்டன் குழம்பு

Mutton Gravy|மட்டன் குழம்பு
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Test cases for Online buy for T-shirts :

Two options there u can be a login customer r straight away buying customer.

1st we can see without login :

1)If u enter in to site there wil be a slide show various designs.

2)u can design ur T- Shirts logos, wordings.

3)U can share this site after u bought a t - shirt whether it is satisfied u or not with FB,Twitter,Orkut,Google +.

4)Select ur favourite Tees in different color with ur creativity to buy.

5)See the rates below the every snap of the T- Shirts.

6)See whether by selecting the particular T - Shirts it is Redirecting to other page for further details.

7)See the customer comments r feedback for their product (T- shirts is worth r not & valuable & quality branding design).

8)Select the category it is for Male r Female.

9)With sub category as  S  M  L XL XXL range T - shirts.

10)Select the price range for ur T - Shirts .

11)See the Terms & conditions below the web page.

12)And see the details of the company wen it is started how long they r running these company , they have been registered with Government.

13)See they are getting the money for shipping charge r it is free of home delievery.

14)See any discounts available before buying the T- Shirts.

15)If after buying the T- Shirts any offer avail for second time purchase.

16)After getting ur T - Shirts see whether u got a selected T- Shirt r not .

17)Wear the T- Shirts it is fit for u r not either selected Sub level(S , M , L , XL , XXL) their r not.

18)And see the No. of counts of your T- Shirts , while delivery.

19)See whether the cancellation for the T- Shirts is allowing r not?

20)If yes how much they r charging for that?

21)See whether they r allowing for modification r not?

22)If modification r color options need to change means (they mentioned customer care no for further clarification of buying a T- Shirts).

23)And u can ask if delay of ur T - shirt(s).

24)And see whether they r refund the amount after cancellation.

25)Allowing to exchange the existing T - Shirts with new one.

26)See whether time calculation for cancelling the product.(i.e 24 hrs r 48 hrs....).

27)Any possible way to send the mail for cancellation of T - shirts?

28)See the variations with same logos with diferent color T- shirts about their brand name.

29)See the ratings of their T - Shirts quality & desing wise & all.

29)After selecting the particular T - shirt see whether other collections been there in below web page for easy to use..

30)After selecting the particular T - shirt u can change the color of ur T -shirt r not?

31)See the quntity of T - shirts to buy & to select it.

32)wHETHER they r allowing for Add to Cart.

33)see allowing for cash on delivery.

34)see whether it is safe transaction for money transaction with various debit, credit cards.

35)see whether the T - shirts be causal , Plain , LED ..

36)see whether the size chart is available r not?

38)After completion of selecting the T - shirts moving to payment page r not?

39)Then u can enter & login withur details for secure payments.

40)For cash on delivery u can choose place on delivery for confirmation with mail & customer care no.

41)see for payment with net banking.

42)See whether they r allowing ti cance the transaction r not?